Prizes Prizes Prizes! Time to Award some Prizes!

Seriously, this is the most fun part of the tournament – selecting the winners for all the most excellent prizes provided by all the most excellent people. It’s Prize Time! WOO!

I’m going to list the prize, and the winner in bold before each individual item. Please note: we will be emailing each person individually within the next 48-72 hours (there are a lot of you!) so you absolutely will hear from us with information on how to collect your excellent prize winnings.

Thank you again to everyone who provided a prize, and also to everyone who entered the tournament! Ready? Here we go!

3rd Place in Final Championship: NikkiBee

Winner’s choice of an iPad Mini with Retina (16GB wifi) orKindle Fire HDX 8.9″ (16GB wifi). Winner will also receive advance digital copies of UNDER THE LIGHTS (Book one in the Boys of Fall series from Berkley) and HEAT EXCHANGE (Book one in the Boston Fire series from Carina Press), provided by Shannon Stacey

2nd Place in Final Championship:  Deanna

$250.00 Amazon gift certificate from author, Jaci Burton. Book four in the Hope series, LOVE AFTER ALL, will be released in March by Berkley! ( A | BN | K )

Championship Winner: Kanoko

A 16gb iPad, WiFI, provided by To Be Read, LLC.

Wooden Spoon prize for the worst bracket: Zoya

All of Laura Florand’s former DABWAHA books, in honor of the books fallen in battle. That’s THE CHOCOLATE THIEF, TURNING UP THE HEAT, THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH, and SNOW-KISSED, ebook or print per preferences and a chocolate heart from Christophe Artisan Chocolates (US shipment only, due to customs and also chocolate) from author Laura Florand. For international winners, Laura suggested artisan caramels from a local chocolatier. ONCE UPON A ROSE by Laura Florand is on sale now! ( A | BN | K)

2nd Chance Tournament Winner (Determined by tiebreaker): meb1012

Fire HD 6 Tablet and a set of Vivian Arend books donated to the library of the winner’s choice, provided by author Vivian Arend. The third book in the DreamMakers series, DON’T WALK AWAY, will be released in April! ( A | BN | K )

2nd Chance Tournament 2nd Place: Erin K

$100 shopping spree at an Independent Bookstore of their choice, though digital retailers can also be worked out. And a signed copy of A DESPERATE FORTUNE, provided by author Susanna Kearsley. A DESPERATE FORTUNE will be out this April! ( A | BN | K )

Random Middle Brackets: 

  • A $15 Amazon gift card and a print copy of Cold Burn of Magic, the first book in the Black Blade young adult series, from author Jennifer Estep. COLD BURN OF MAGIC will be released in April! ( A | BN | K ) — hannepa

  • A $15 Amazon gift card and print copies of Poison Promise and Black Widow, the eleventh and twelfth books in the Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series, from author Jennifer Estep. – MellyBean

  • A $15 Amazon gift card and print copies of Midnight Frost and Killer Frost, the last two books in the Mythos Academy young adult series, from author Jennifer Estep. — jamewrites

  • Signed copies of the three Matchmaker historical romances (It Takes Two to Tangle, To Charm a Naught Countess, Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress) and a $20 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift certificate (winner’s choice), provided by author Theresa Romain. SECRETS OF A SCANDALOUS HEIRESS is on sale now! ( A | BN | K) – Sara S.

  • A Pile o’ Books from Penguin, provided by Cindy Hwang – glamant

  • A signed set of all 3 Dare Island novels – Carolina Home, Carolina Girl, and Carolina Manand a Dare Island mug, provided by Virginia Kantra. The Dare Island novella, “Caroline Heart” will appear in the ASK ME WHY anthology this July! ( A | BN | K ) – AuntieKristin

  • London Legends prize pack from author, Kat Latham, including: All five London Legends ebooks (Knowing the Score, Playing It Close, Tempting the Player, Unwrapping Her Perfect Match, and Taming the Legend, which is out this May! A | BN | K ) A London Legends tote bag Chocolate bars from two British specialty chocolatiers: a bar of Spotted Dick from Montezuma’s and a bar of Venezuelan Gold from Willie’s Cacao A $50 gift certificate to Amazon, B&N or iBooks — KB

  • A paperback copy of Falling From the Sky (will ship internationally) and some Gravity series swag from author Sarina Bowen — KellyS

  • Psy-Changeling Starter Pack : Books 1-6 of the series, plus Wild Invitation, provided by author Nalini Singh. Books can be signed and personalized, if the winner chooses. Book fourteen in the Psy-Changeling series, SHARDS OF HOPE, will be out in June! ( A | BN | K ) – Josie

  • Three random middle brackets will win signed copies of the Night Shift anthology, Magic Breaks, and Burn for Me, plus a tiny Curran, courtesy of author Ilona Andrews — LiW, CrazyGirl68, and almondeyes
  • $25 gift card (winner’s choice: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes) and signed print copies of two historical romances: NEVER TOO LATE and ALWAYS A STRANGER, from author Amara Royce — JennaK

  • Mass market paperback (or digital, if preferred) of Anna Richlands’s FIRST TO BURN, the “origin story” for Sergeant Rey Cruz in HIS ROAD HOME, mass market paperback of a full-length book in Amy Raby’s HEARTS AND THRONES world; a print copy of Amy Raby’s THE FIRE SEER, gourmet chocolate made in Seattle, and a baby orca – soft plush type! Donated by author Anna Richland — cambrite

  • Complete set of the Men of the White Sandy books (Mystic Cowboy, Masked Cowboy, Nobody), plus a hand-made beaded jewelry set in lovely turquoise colors, courtesy of author Sarah M. Anderson — Alisonh

  • $25 gift card (winner’s choice: Amazon or Barnes and Noble), courtesy of author, Lexxi Callahan — sayyestobooks

And the Winner of the 2015 DABWAHA IS…..

Well, we have no idea. HA! Kidding!

Magic BreaksCongratulations to Ilona Andrews, and to Kate and Curran, for winning the 2015 DABWAHA with Magic Breaks! 

And congratulations to our tournament winner, Kanoko, who had a truly splendid bracket!

We’re doing the final calculations for prize awarding, so stay tuned – and thank you again for making the 2015 DABWAHA so much fun for everyone!

The 2015 DABWAHA Championship: Ilona vs Ilona!

So that happened!

It’s Ilona Andrews vs. Ilona Andrews in the final of the 2015 DABWAHA. I am now imagining all her characters trash talking each other. Oh, that would be funny. I bet Kate Daniels is a terrific at it.

We also have a winner for the Final Four – Kanoko again! Congratulations, Kanoko! You’ve won a $100 gift certificate to AllRomance, courtesy of!

And now, it’s time for the championship, which will take place 10am ET to 10pm ET tomorrow, 6 April 2015.

If your bracket is like mine, and in… 836th place (GO ME!) do not lose hope! Don’t give up! Because there are amazing and wonderful Random Bracket prizes still to be won, including the Wooden Spoon prize for the worst overall bracket – a fine, fine prize to be sure.

So while this is a strange and silly final, everyone is still eligible for the random bracket prizes. Get ready for a battle of the ages, with Ilona Andrews battling herself for the DABWAHA Championship!

Final Four Opens Tomorrow!

The DABWAHA Final Four opens tomorrow at 10am (EST) and what an interesting semi-finals we have! Did anyone peg Ilona Andrews having not one, but two books in the Final Four? I know I didn’t, but my bracket was shot to hell a long time ago.

The remaining authors also had a few things to say to their awesome readers!

Beverly Jenkins:

Being in the Final Four along with my MSU Spartans is a blast. My thanks to my awesome fan base, their friends, my graphics crew and my very worthy opponents. Upward and Onward – I hope. LOL

Julie James:

How exciting that IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING made it to the Final Four! (And especially with such tough competition.) It’s so much fun to see readers rallying in support of the book, and I appreciate people taking the time to vote. For me, one of the coolest things about DABWAHA is discovering new books . . . and it’s also a good excuse to tweet pics of hot guys while trash-talking other authors. Go Team IHOW!

Ilona Andrews:

Normally our books get eliminated in the early rounds, but this time we have two in the final four.  That is pretty crazy.  Thank you so much for all of your votes and thank you to the fellow authors who participated. Whatever happens in the final, we had a ton of fun.

Could Beverly clinch the victory this year? Will It Happened One Wedding take the DABWAHA crown? Or will we see an Ilona vs Ilona face-off in the finals? Don’t forget to cast your votes! Polls will be open until 10pm (EST).

The Final Four (10 AM to 10 PM EST)

Welcome to the Final Four. 64 books started the tournament and over forty polls later, we are down to only four books.

Who will win? Will it come down to an Andrews v. Andrews Championship match or will Jenkins and James prevail for a J v. J finale? Only you, the readers, can decide. Vote from 10 AM to 10 PM EST on Saturday, April 4, 2015!

It Happened One Wedding by Julie James v. Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

Destiny’s Captive by Beverly Jenkins v. Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews