The 2016 DABWAHA Championship: Nalini Singh v. Susanna Kearsley!

We’re about to enter the final round of our 2016 DABWAHA Tournament! It’s Nalini Singh’s Shards of Hope battling against Susanna Kearsley’s A Desperate Fortune! Both polls were so close, with both books edging out their competition by a mere eleven and nine votes, respectively.

The championship will take place 10am ET to 10pm ET tomorrow, 4 April 2016.

It’s been a crazy ride with I’m sure a lot of bracket upsets. I’d prefer not to talk about mine unless you want to hear a good and thorough griping for a good twenty minutes. But luckily for everyone who is in the same boat as I am, there are amazing and wonderful Random Bracket prizes still to be won, including the Wooden Spoon prize for the worst overall bracket – a fine, fine prize to be sure.

So get your clicking fingers ready as a paranormal romance takes on a good, ol’ fashioned time-slippage!