Here are a few of the questions we’ve fielded over Twitter and via email. Feel free to ask us about the competition if there’s anything you don’t quite get!

Q. Who picked the books?

A. Sarah and Jane did with some help from Jane’s blogging mates.  This year one book in each category will be nominated by the readers.

Q: Why isn’t X book on there?

A: We don’t know but probably because there were so many good books, it was hard to cull down to just 8 per category.

Q: Why does the Bracket have abbreviated titles and no author names?

A: The software has a character limitation and so we are only allotted so much space. You may want to print out the printable finalist lists to help you discern the title of each book with the author.

Q: Can I submit more than one bracket?

A: We ask that you don’t. We will have a second chance tournament.

Q: Can I resubmit my bracket choices?

A: Yes – we will post the deadline.

Q: I’m trying to tell people to vote for me – but they can’t find where to vote! What’s going on?

A: Voting hasn’t started yet. Voting will occur via polls that will run on the DABWAHA Blog.  Right now, people are selecting their brackets – who they think will win each round until Book of the Year is selected.

Q:  What if there is a tie?

There are some tiebreakers built in.  In other words, if your bracket and someone else’s bracket has the same points at the end, the software program looks to the following tie breakers:

1) Whether you correctly picked the champion.

2)  Who had the most books in round 6 correct.

3)  Who had the most books in round 5 correct.

If by some miracle, your brackets are still tied, we will look to which one of you is guessed how many entrants there are to the tournament.  This number you will leave in the comment section of your bracket.

36 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. It stands for “Dear Author Bitchery Writing Award for Hella Authors”. I know. Sarah is not allowed to name anything. Ever again.

  2. So… For a newbie DABWAHA-er (& someone who’s never done anything bracket-sports-betting related), what kind of number would the tie-breaker be? Single digit? Large number? I’z confuzzled!! :-/

  3. Can you enter the second chance tournament if your No 1 pick hasn’t been knocked out yet? (My bracket is bleeding all over the place,but I picked Iron Duke to win so that’s still going…)

  4. Can I change my mind about my picks in the second chance bracket? Hoping to do better, I re-submitted my bracket with the changes. I hope that’s ok. This trying to pick who’s going to win is tough!

  5. This is the most confusing thing I ever saw. It says enter name. Well, mine isn’t on there nor is the authors. What’s this all about? Where do these names come from. I’m ready to give up on this complication.

  6. @Diane Sypnier – if you haven’t registered before, you need to press the “New” button. A pop up will appear and you enter your name. Then press OK. Enter your email address. From there you make your best guess as to which book will win its head to head matchup, following each round until you have only one book left, as the champion of the tournament.

  7. @Mandy Glover – tie breaker is the your best guess as to the number of write in votes we received for the reader finalist books.

  8. I finally did figure it out, but then when I clicked submit, it said voting was over.

  9. @Diane Synpnier – I am not sure when you tried it but we changed the time to submit the ballots after noon so I would recommend you try again.

  10. Am I missing something? I don’t see any GLBT books listed under the Finalists tab. They are listed in the main post (from March 12th, accessible from the Home tab), but not under the separate Finalists tab. (I see on the main page that they are “posted in Uncategorized” rather than “posted in Finalists.”) Thanks.

  11. Could you please add to the FAQ that voting is only available in 12 hour increments? I missed that notation on the set announcement post and when I got a break at work this morning I was sad to find that I missed out on my chance to vote in the first set of Round 1. Being on Pacific Time has its disadvantages!

  12. FRustrating! I can not see the menu for the brackets!! Wah Wah!! (I am registered, I think…no confirmation email)

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  14. How do I get the “Tourney Site” on my toolbar? I can’t find the brackets or anything. I have received my brackets, but my name is not on the list for further anything.

  15. For the 2016 prizes – is the third place prize actually worth more than the second place prize? Just wondering if those were meant to be switched.

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